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Sustainability | Sustainable Packaging Demand is Growing

In a world that is increasingly environmentally-conscious, sustainable packaging is resonating with consumers’ perception of what is value to the environment and value for money at retail. At the brand-equity level, the pressure to use eco-friendly packaging is increasing. Flight RPET recycled and recyclable food-safe plastic packaging meets your sustainable packaging needs perfectly.

Flight RPET Packaging | Today’s greatest packaging innovations are sustainability-based, and there are very few trade-offs with Flight RPET. It is a truly sustainable food-safe recycled material solution with no less performance and similar pricing to virgin PET plastic packaging. Even high-tech trays, such as barrier laminate trays, are available with RPET as the base material. Using Flight RPET packaging provides a perfect opportunity for brand owners to demonstrate environmental stewardship and make your product even more attractive to your customers.

Flight RPET is a recyclable food-safe plastic with equal performance & similar pricing to virgin PET plastic.

Industry Leaders in Sustainability | Flight has always been a material innovator. During the 1970s Flight Plastics pioneered local production of PET plastic by being the first company in Australasia to produce PET sheet and trays. And, now we are producing RPET sheet and finished RPET plastic packaging for our New Zealand and Australian customers. Producing our own RPET sheet ensures we have full control and visibility of where the recycled PET base product comes from, and we also directly control the all-important application of the food-safe virgin PET skin layers.

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Innovation & Design | Flight designs and engineers new products in-house. Our multi-talented technical and engineering team is equipped with state of the art design software and latest technology tool-making facilities.

Doing it all in-house means we offer customers our maximum effect at the lowest cost and fastest possible turnaround. Regardless of the material type or source, all products are designed with whole of life impact and waste minimisation in mind. Not only good for the environment – it’s cost effective for our customers too.

To ensure our products and services are continuously improving for the benefit of our customers and the environment, we invest in staff education, training and attendance at international trade fairs and events to maintain currency with latest product and material trends.

High Efficiency & Low Waste | At Flight we run high-efficiency, low-waste plants.
We use:
  • state of the art production machinery, some of which even regenerate energy during machine braking
  • high-tech plant services, like low-energy lighting and ultra-efficient compressed air systems, and our latest extrusion machinery saves 35% energy vs. its prior technology
  • warm air from our machinery plant room to heat the factory workspace during winter!
At Flight, we don’t like waste – in any form. Our volume of industrial waste to landfill has fallen dramatically over recent years and continues to diminish – we recycle over 98% of all plastic waste in-house and any waste possible from purchased goods and supplies, like plastic wrap and cardboard containers. We purchase recycled cartons for product deliveries to clients and recycle large numbers of shipping pallets.

We do this all because it makes economic and environmental sense for our business and for our community.
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Flight's new state of the art PET recycling plant can take recycled PET bottles and containers and remanufacture them for use in Flight’s new food-grade packaging. READ MORE >